lunes, enero 15, 2007

aguantando el ataque

Dear Ms. Ono,

As you know, I have loyally served you in many capacities as your driver, bodyguard, assistant, butler, nurse, handyman and more so your lover and confidant over the last ten years. During the course of these years, our relationship has also deepened into a very emotional and physical one as well. (...)

(...) Such a trial, regardless of if I win or lose, will provide me with a significant amount of publicity that I will use to promote a number of books that will portray You, Sean and John. These books will be written using information obtained from ten years of listening to you as well as pictures taken with hidden cameras and literally thousands of hours of recordings I have been compiling since 1996. Within these tapes, there are recordings such as the ones below that will quite frankly, astound the world.

  • Sean, while speaking to his girlfriend Carmella, calling John “a wife beating a——”;
  • Your political statements against the British and US Governments;
  • Your numerous critical comments about your son, daughter, the Beatles, and your friends (such as Jan Wenner, J. Onasis Kenedy, Elliot Mintz, Brian Hendel, John Hendrics, Michiko Meyers and many more);
  • The story of you getting raped during WW II in a Japanese farm and the effects of this act on your relationships with men including John;
  • Your numerous fights with Sam Havatoy …

(...) All of the above mentioned items will in fact become a reality unless you compensate me and my family for all of the pain and suffering you have caused. If you want all of these pictures, recordings, emails, conversations and memories to vanish from the face of the earth and never hear from me again, all you have to do is send me a certified cashiers check from a New York Bank for a total amount of $2 million.

Thank you very much,

Koral Karsan
Y unos viejos conocidos, los espiritistas Gerald A. y Linda J. Polley se han unido al ataque, su pique con Yoko viene de atrás.

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